While I was in Cambridge , I was open-top bus ride first thing I did when I went to my first abroad.  It was very important for me.  That was one of my dreams too.

 I can not tell you my moment of happiness.I did a lot of take pictures and videos.It was a wonderful

and memorable experience for me.My bus ride lasted an hour.I saw the most important colleges of

Cambridge during travel. I saw Cambridge’s most important churches.

Cambridge’s famous churches and colleges.The most famous College Kings College. It is very large and has an excellent view.  I have a lot of pictures of this college. I’ll share them with you later. 

I share with you my picture below I pull on buses.



Travel in the Cambridge – England

I was in Cambridge 2 years ago. Unfortunately for one month.This place very nice. If you want to listen to your head you should definitely go.

Firstly this place full of oxygen. Everywhere green. People treat you with respect to each other.British people are very patient and helpful. While I was there I’d love to go to the city center. Sometimes people want to have a rest. There it is right there. It has a wonderful river side. While I was there I sat down by the river side. It was great. While I was there, I chose to go on foot everywhere. I did punting in the river. It was very exciting. I paddle in the river.

If you are wondering continue writing if you follow me to 🙂


1173741_10201251977357395_1233671320_n   CAMBRIDGE RIVER SIDE