The most important places in London…..

One day My friends and I went to London. We saw Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminister, Big Ben, Big Garden, Tower Brdige and London Eye. I had the most fans of Tower Bridge. Because it is very magnificent. I think. A lot of people  here have come to see. Especially the most important place for them  Big Ben.They are taking a lot of photo of Big Ben. You’ll see my photo below. But London crowds than Cambridge. Cambridge more calm and quiet compared to London. Cambridge has  students  also from many countries. People live in London from many countries.Maybe next time I will visit other cities in the UK.If you want to see the perfect place for himself or herself listen to breathe ,you should go Cambridge.

DSC07330 Tower Bridge….

DSC07501 London Eye….

DSC07254  Big Ben…..

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