first waiting at the airport….


This is the largest airport in England. It is Heathrow airport. That day was very important for me. Because It was a very interesting experience for me to wait at the airport until the morning. I found myself just a means of transport to the airport when I arrived.Actually, It was a great experience for me. It was very difficult for me to wait a long time at the airport. I do not remember how many rounds as there waiting at. I did not sleep until the morning. Believe me. It was very difficult for me. Imagine  you do not know the someone. Time didn’t pass. I did not know what to do. It was morning. But I still did not sleep. I had to stay awake so long the first time in my life.I do not think I forgot my life. My suitcase was in the picture below. You will not believe but my suitcase was too heavy. My suitcase full of gifts. I’ll tell you later on where I shop.



8 thoughts on “first waiting at the airport….

    • Primarily, Thank you for your message. Actually a very exciting situation. At first I did not know what I’m doing. You get used immediately after. I think you should try. In my opinion you can travel with tour. Heatrow is the biggest of England.

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