Today I will tell you Stephen Hawking….

Do you know who is he? Just listen. I’m telling you.

While I’m at Cambridge My friend and I went to a university. In fact we have just gone to visit. We went to visit last place in Cambridge Universty. I didn’t know at first. But then I saw a photo. When I saw the photo, I felt very strange. Only I looked at the photo. At that time I didn’t know what to think. Then we visited him school. It was a wonderful school. Stephen is one of the most important people in this university. Still the same. I admire him. Everyone knows him all over the world. When I arrived at home I searched him. I tried to learn everything about him. I watched him movies. I was very happy when I read his biography. Because I know important people like him.So, why am I telling you. I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you about one that I think is important for me. I will share with you some of the pictures I own checks. I hope you enjoy this writting.