When I was in Cambridge….

One day in Cambridge

Today I want to tell you until my one day in Cambridge. When I was in Cambridge I got up early every morning. Especially on weekends.Every morning I went out I draw fresh air in my lungs. One day I woke up early. I did not know what to do. I had a decided. Firstly I went to the city centre. How a beautiful place. I love this place. When I went I had established small markets. I visited all the workbench. Then I bought a few pieces of souvenirs.I bought a few things for myself.But It was not cheap. It was normal. I sat on a bench. After I watched all the people. There were so many people from different countries. All people were having fun. I went to eat something Mc Donalds. Afterward I went to travel in the river. But I saw many beautiful places before coming in the river. All the streets were beautiful from each other. There was a different special atmosphere. People taking pictures, people waiting for the bus, around the following people. It was nice to watch them for me. I came here at the end of the river. The place was beyond excellent. The place was full of quiet and serenity. I loved it here. I sat on a bench.I watched river,birds,busses,trees ,people etc… I closed my eyes. Afterward I listened my head, my heart and silent. It was awesome. I sat there for more than 2 hours. I felt myself very well that within 2 hours. I took a lot of pictures. I first came to my riverside. But I wanted to come back. 2 hours had been more time. Later, I went to shop in PRIMARK . I got a lot of things myself. I got of a lot of things gift. PRIMARK is a large shopping center. Everyone should definitely come here. Prices are very reasonable. I kept the way home after shopping. I had finally come home. I can not tell you how much I was tired. I was one of most beautiful day in Cambridge. I wanted to share this moment with you.

I hope you have fun…


4 thoughts on “When I was in Cambridge….

  1. I studied there for a month at Christ’s college for a summer program and I loved it. So enchanting. Not to mention I was surrounded by plenty of shops just across the street and next door to the campus, which was heaven and hell for a shopaholic like me. Primark was one of my fave 🙂


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your thought. I was happy When I saw your message. Cambridge is wonderful city. I think. Yep Primark is my best 🙂 It is the same you. Actually I took a lot of gift from Primark. 🙂
      If I’ll go again England my first shop place of course Primark 🙂 🙂

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