What is your favorite Places????? And WHY??????

I have question for you. Tell me . What is your favorite places????


25 thoughts on “What is your favorite Places????? And WHY??????

    • I have different favorites for different reasons. Here’s a few examples off the top of my head: London for the plays and bookstores; Paris for art museums, street artists, food, and capturing images of Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel; Switzerland for the Alps, and Zurich for the shopping; Rome for the Forum, Vatican, and other sites as well as the food; Athens for the Acropolis; Sydney as a walking city; Hong Kong for its vibrancy and foods; Hawaii for its many diverse islands; Istanbul for just too many things to list (could easily spend a week or more there); Shanghai for the incredible Pudong area, especially at night; Las Vegas for night photography and food; San Francisco for sights and photography; Napa and Sonoma for wine tasting and food; Carmel-by-the-Sea for its quaint charm; The eastern Caribbean Islands for photography and shopping (not a huge fan of the western Caribbean); the U.S. Desert Southwest for the climate, food, and incredible natural scenery and beauty; Morocco for the different culture and beauty.


  1. This is cliche but ‘in her arms’.
    Places feel better and therefore are better when we are together.
    Location wise – take me to NZ anyday.


  2. England-excellent climate for gardening combined with people who love nature, Italy-art and history, Switzerland respect for nature, Egypt-magical, Africa and Australia-nature, Scandinavia-plenty of water, United States-nature for all tastes. I love the whole world as long as he lives in peace and with respect.


  3. Switzerland! So much beautiful nature. I love hiking around the hills while listening to the cow bells and taking the cable cars up into the clouds. Waterfalls, trees, mountaintops- it has everything a nature lover could want. Plus the little restaurants and shops in the valleys are adorable.


  4. I’ve been into many places but yet, my favorite place is home… A place where I can be me, a place where I can wear anything, do anything I like, and eat anything I want. Plus the fact those moments with my family having fun together and enjoying each other’s company. 🙂


  5. I’m in love with the Pacific Northwest of North America, there is just so much variety, from coasts to mountains, tundra to thick deciduous forest. And a good portion of it is yet unscathed by humanity.


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