My feelings….

First time I want to share my feelings. I don’t know why…. Maybe I can feel beter.Maybe Not. I don’t know.

Love is very problem for people. And of course for me.Who would not want to be in love? Love is cry. Yep I know. Always cry not to laugh. If he love you You should be very lucy. But If he said “IT IS OVER” you can not lucy. Because you love him. What do you do first when you hear that word? I did not feel anything. Just I want to go so far. I do nothing. I could not think of anything. Just I wanted to go. I don’t know Where.

At the moment. I don’t feel anything. I am not here. I don’t know Where I am. My heart was broken. I want to cry. But I can not.

I am going. But He don’t know. I’m walking away from him. He is not even aware of it. When will he understand? It’s too late. I have decided. This time I’m determined precisely. He should be happy.

Anymore I will not be here. I am going. And You said me “IT IS OVER”………



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