British language schools….

If you want to go to language school in England ,You have done a very good research. Firstly You have to decide which city will go. if you want a quiet place to learn You can go to a small places. But if you want to go anywhere crowded and busy entertainment places located You can go to big places.

For Instance CAMBRIDGE city. Cambridge is a small city. It’s very quite, calm, peaceful, magnificient too, suitable in terms of price… After leaving the school, you can walk to the city center. There are shopping centers in certain regions. It has a lot off language school. If you want to go to a quality school You can spend more money. But if you want to go to a proper school prices You can choose a school here again. Just Decided. I went to a few years ago in Cambridge Language School I’ve enjoyed.I can not give the name of the school. But I can say that I would have preferred a better quality of school. Of course I went to my school was very nice. My teacher was great. But I could choose another school. Anyway, The choice is yours. In fact, there was a more appropriate and better quality schools in Cambridge.

For Instance OXFORD city. Oxford city larger than Cambridge city. I don’t know anything about the city of Oxford. Of course I know where is it And How is this place. But I don’t know language school. I just knew it was a bit more expensive than the city of Cambridge. When I’ll go in England I want to visit in Oxford. I will definitely go there and draw pictures for you.

And Finally LONDON city. Of course London city larger than other cities.I had admired when I go there. This is a great place. Surely everyone should go. London is a very expensive city. It has so crowded place. It has a lot off people, different cultures. There are too many language schools in London. There is also a very affordable price there is also a very expensive price. It’s not that difficult to set an appropriate school.

If you go to language school you have to do very good research.If you ask me I prefer London. You can scout a perfect city. You can enjoy shopping took great things. The choice is yours. Just Consider and decided. If you give me information about what you want to do in this regard I would be very happy.