27 Things Everyone Must Eat In West London

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1. Boom Burger, Portobello Road

This food truck success story now has a permanent home in Notting Hill. And its signature burgers (including the original Boom, Veggie, and Brunch Burger) can all grace your piehole for under a tenner. Tasty salad, fries, wings, and fish fritters are also totally worth way more than they cost.

2. Phat Phuc Noodle Bar, Chelsea

“Phat Phuc” actually means “Happy Buddha” in Vietnamese, and this well-priced and friendly Chelsea noodle bar is sure to make your mind, belly, and bank account very happy. Grab starters with friends from just £4, or enjoy a massive plate of noodles or stirfry for under £10.

3. Habanera, Uxbridge Road

Habanera, Uxbridge Road

Budget: 3 Tacos from £5.50

This trendy taco and tequila bar in Shepherd’s Bush does flavour-packed mains and mean drinks, at a fair price. Their brunch is the real gem, with stuffed breakfast burritos at £7.95. The taco stop also has a back garden bar, and a family friendly area.

4. Spicy Basil, Kilburn

Budget: Curry from £5

For a fantastic Thai curry in North West London, look no further than the underrated Spicy Basil. The authentic dive offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options so your cravings will always be met.

5. Tombo, South Kensington

Tombo, South Kensington

Budget: Bowls from £8.95

Fresh, healthy, and affordable meals are what it’s all about at Tombo, making it the perfect stop for lunch on a visit to the South Kensington Museums. The Japanese Bistro offers a range of noodle bowls, sushi wraps and bento boxes, as well as lovely breakfast and dessert options.

6. Weekend Market, Acklam Village

Budget: Takeaway plate from £4

The foot of Portobello Road Market comes to life on the weekends, with the international street food market in Acklam Village in full swing. Wander through plenty of pop-up food stalls to choose the right greasy, spicy, or fresh meal for you, and budget £5-10 in cash.

7. The Hummingbird Bakery, Portobello Road

Budget: Cupcakes from £2

The Hummingbird Bakery is an absolute must for those with a sweet tooth, and even if you’re not regularly a dessert fan, the charming bakery has such a magical and cheery atmosphere but you can’t help but want to try one of their concoctions. A cupcake will only set you back £2 and is sure to add some sparkle to your wander through Notting Hill.

8. Bluebird, Chelsea

Bluebird, Chelsea

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Budget: Sandwiches from £8.50

Lunch in the café of this classy Chelsea establishment is a real steal. Grab a hot dog, BLT, or Croque Monsieur for under a tenner and enjoy it in the cafe’s courtyard. The cafe also serves breakfasts from £2, and “light courses” including a charcuterie plate from £7.50.

9. Talkhouse, Ladbroke Grove

Talkhouse, Ladbroke Grove

Budget: Pastries from £1, lunch options from £5.50

Just around the corner from Ladbroke Grove station toward Portobello Market you’ll find the crisp and calm Talkhouse coffee bar. Their doughnuts are spectacular.

10. Franco Manca, Southfields

Franco Manca, Southfields

Budget: Pizza from £4.50

Cheap and delicious sourdough pizza is available in several Franco Manca locations across West London, including Chiswick, Southfields, and South Kensington. Pair it with a beer (from £3.50) for an excellent and affordable night out.

11. Portobello Organic Kitchen, Notting Hill

Budget: Pizza from £10.50

Split a organic and locally sourced pizza from Organic Kitchen and treat yourself to glass of wine for a classy and relaxed lunch out. The restaurant offers pasta mains for a slightly higher price if you’re feeling fancy.

12. Maggie Jones’s, Chelsea

Budget: Savory tarts from £7

Settle into Maggie Jones’s undeniable rustic charm for a homemade meal with all the fixings. Everything on the lunch menu comes in at under a tenner, and while the dinner menu features some pricier options, it also keeps it real with salads, soups, and tarts for less than £10.

13. Portobello Juice Café, Ladbroke Grove

Budget: Smoothies from £3.50, lunch from £5

A fresh and delightful veggie paradise, check out the Portobello Juice Cafe with its bright graffiti decor and light yet filling smoothies, juices, and vegetarian plates. The café is at the very bottom of Portobello Road, only a short walk from Ladbroke Grove. It’s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the market and station that you’ll get a breath of fresh air alongside the taste of fresh juice.

14. Hudson’s, Putney

Hudson's, Putney

Budget: Pancakes brunch from £7.95

For a filling and affordable brunch in Putney, Hudson’s is the place to go. The friendly and rustic-style restaurant is the perfect way to laze away a Sunday, and you’ll get home with some spare cash still in your pocket.

15. Pizza East, Portobello Road

Budget: Pizza from £9

Grab a slice in style at the West London base for this pizza house, adored throughout London. Pizza East has also got great salads and wood oven mac ‘n cheese, all for less than £10.

16. The Hummingbird Café, Shepherd’s Bush

The Hummingbird Café, Shepherd's Bush

Budget: Cake from £2, pasta plates from £7

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Hummingbird is the place to grab a quality meal in Shepherd’s Bush for a decent price. The Australian-run café offers fresh cake every morning, baked in-house, stellar coffee, and has a constantly fresh array of lunch and dinner items. Be sure and book for their Sunday brunch, as the charming but tiny cafe fills up fast.

17. Taqueria, Westbourne Grove

Taqueria, Westbourne Grove

Budget: Lunch plates from £5

This West London secret doesn’t have much of an online presence, which makes it even more of a tucked away gem worth your while. The authentic atmosphere and killer Mexican food gives you a serious bang for your buck.

18. Portobello Crepes, Notting Hill

Budget: Crepes from £5

Nutella is worth any amount of money, and Nutella smothered on sugary pancake is worth all your money, but luckily the outdoor crepe stalls along Portobello Road won’t leave you broke. Watch the massive dessert being made and chow down as you wander through the market.

19. Faanoos, Chiswick

Budget: Kebab from £6.50

For phenomenal Persian, Faanoos is a must, and it also happens to be quite affordable. The cuisine is inspired by traditional dishes served at the Tehran Bazaar over the past 500 years, and the nuanced tastes will shine while you enjoy massive portions and lovely atmosphere.

20. Esarn Kheaw, Shepherd’s Bush

Budget: Specialty plates from £7.95

This lovely gem on Uxbridge Road was the first North East style Thai restaurant in London, and is still going strong today. With delicious traditional dishes and a cosy interior, it’s the perfect getaway from the busy outside street.

21. Makan Cafe, Ladbroke Grove

Makan Cafe, Ladbroke Grove

Budget: Noodle plates from £6.20

This Malaysian Dive in Notting Hill also does a mean, all day English Breakfast, so you’ve got a lot of options on how to spend your cash. Featuring chicken, pork, lamb, and vegetarian dishes, Makan offers a wide spread, with all plates less than £10.

22. Ariana II, Kilburn

Budget: Speciality plates from £7

Explore Afghan flavours at this lovely restaurant in Kilburn. With starters from £4 and all meals under a tenner, it’s great for a unique lunch without exhausting your funds.

23. Chop Chop Noodle Bar, Shepherd’s Bush

Budget: Curry from £5.70

This classic student favourite should keep its place on your list long after uni’s over. Delicious curry, rice, and noodle dishes are cheap as they come but still delicious, and it’s a great place to grab a table with old friends.

24. Lisa’s Kitchen, Notting Hill

Lisa's Kitchen, Notting Hill

Budget: Sandwiches from £6

Tucked away at the very end of Portobello Road, Lisa’s is a primo brunch spot, and great for an affordable Notting Hill meal any time of day. Grab a fresh and creatively stuffed sandwich, or spring for one of the omelette brunches and still keep it under a tenner.

25. Abu Zaad, Uxbridge Road

Budget: Mains from £6.50

This Damascene café directly across from Shepherd’s Bush Market station is a great spot in the area for an affordable but incredible lunch or dinner. Go for cold mezze appetisers with a group, or enjoy a large helping of Damascene or Moroccan cuisine for pennies.

26. Tian Fu, White City

Budget: Dim sum from £2.20

The splendin Tian Fu is just around the corner from Westfield, much cheaper and most likely tastier than anything you’ll find in the shopping centre. Split several plates of dim dum with a friend and still keep the bill low.

27. The Grain Shop, Notting Hill

Budget: Large lunch box from £5.90

This vegetarian delight at the bottom of Portobello Road Market always smells delicious, and features an excellent vegetarian buffet, plus lots of fresh baked goods. Takeaway a box and eat in the park square around the corner, or sit in for an extra 40p.

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