When I first stepped in England….

Actually, I was so excited. Imagine. The first time I came to England. I’m surprised at what I do, even at the Heatrow airport. I went to studied language school. I want to tell you something. I mix the ground at the aisport passport control. I waited in the wrong order with excitement. And than Passport Officer said me ” You wait in the wrong place”. I said him” Oh my god.” And Than He directs me to the right place. So I can not tell you that I was panic. I take a deep breath when I come to the right place. Passport Officer ask me some question” Why are you here? What are you going to do? ” When I answer the question I was very scared. She’d understand what I am afraid. Finally I passed passport control. I had to find my suitcase. So that’s not easy at.Because Heatrow Airport so big. I asked a few people. But nobody helped me. I looked everywhere. After all I found my suitcase. How I rejoice. I’ll never forget memories in my life.


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