I’m going to London….

I know where to go this summer. I’m going to London… 🙂

Yep. I’m going to London language school for 1 month.My plane will take off 01 August on Saturday morning. I ‘ll be midday in London.When I’ll come in London, I’ll meet in my friend at Stanstead airport. And than I have a plan. We’ll go to lunch. And than We’ll walk a round. Than I’ll go to my new home.  I’ll investigate near my home. I’ll buy eat something.

This school is zone 1.I’ll stay in British family zone 3. It is unbelievable. Just imagine. 1 month in London.I went to Cambridge 2 years ago. I was so excited. But Now My feeling is incredible. Marvelous. It will be awesome. I hope everything will be great.

I will  walk a round in London. I will make a list for my trip.( You can advice me any place). I will walk in the London streets.Of course I’ll go to shopping centre. 🙂 You know, All the women loves shopping.Especially bag,make up accessory, shoes, etc… I’ll take a bag, make up accessory,England souvenirs( for myself, my family and my friends. ) hat and etc…. I want to see again in Tower Bridge, Buckhingam Place, Hyde Park, Big Ben, London Eye, etc…  I want to walk a round by midnight in the weekend. 🙂 Of course I’ll go to Chine town. 🙂 I want to go museum.

I want to spend my time very beautiful.I want to go everywhere. I want to meet my new friend. I want to investigate new centre. I want to walk near the River.I’ll go drink beer in the pub. Of course. I want to have fun.

When I’ll go to in London, I’ll share all the picture .

That is all for now. Thank you for reading my vacation plan.

All my Best….. 🙂