Different Humans, Different Cultures, Different Places….

Why people make a distinction? I don’t  understand . Ok. I know. Rich people always rich. Poor people always poor. Consequently we are all human beings.I hate this comparison. So people are forced to communicate with each other. Perhaps this comparison is affecting people’s lives worse. For instance, You want to live different country. You have a decided. You think you know a lot about that country.Maybe you don’t know. But you want to go. You want to live in that country. You’re doing everything in your power to live there. I told you different country, different culture…

Maybe one day You will think You’re going to give up. But don’t give up. You can do it. How do you know? 🙂

For instance, I want to live in England. I’m not British. But I want to live. Different culture, different habits, different living conditions,Different country,city,place, etc…. It doesn’t matter for me. Just You want and believe yourself. If you feel where it belongs, You must live there. All the people have a dreams and goals.I have a dreams. I live for my dreams and goals. One day I’ll live in England. I’ll have a apart in England. This is my dream.

Ok. You can say different culture,different people. I know. But I will not give in no time.If you want to real your dreams, Never give up. You can try every way to get to these people and these culture. You can learn everything. Just you want and decided. Besides, Nothing is impossible. It’s up to you.

When I was in Cambridge I have decided. I want to change of my life,my habits, my rules, my behavior etc…. I want to change my life anymore. Maybe It is hard for me. You never know without trying.   When I came back my country I started change my life. I still continue. I’ve made up my mind.

Now,It’s your round. Remember You can do it everything Just you want……Change your life.


8 thoughts on “Different Humans, Different Cultures, Different Places….

  1. Seagirl, I know what you mean. I have wanted to visit and live in Europe for most of my adult life since college. I finally got here two years ago, and it is such a wonderful challenge to learn a new language, wear my clothes differently, eat different foods as my regular diet and rise and sleep on a differeent schedule, to say nothing of the weather and the seasons being so very unusual. But you keep your hope for you can and will go to England.

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    • Hi,
      Thank you for your thought. Yep. Exactly I want to say same things. Everything will be different. Actually I want to this. I want to change my life. I want to change my country. I want to change my language. I know. One day I ‘ll do it. 🙂 All my Best. And Keep in touch…


    • Hi Lars,
      Thank you for your thought. Me too I love England. Especially London. I want to walk a round in London streets.
      Thank you again.Keep touching…


    • Wow… You are so lucy. I think. Actually I want to live in England. I hope one day I’ll live in England. Yep. You’re right. Just we want 🙂 All my best and keep touching….:) Melody…


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