Other Languages….

This topic little complicated. You can say “WHY?”. Because humans don’t believe learn other languages. Actually It doesn’t hard. Just You can try. Some people don’t want to learn other languages. They said ” my language is enough for me.” Maybe they can right themself. But It isn’t enough. I think.

If you want to learn different language Firstly you should decided whichever you learn. Secondly Is It helpful for you? Thirdly Can you use your daily life? This questions should important for you.

You can say ” My memory is not that good.” I don’t accept.Because All the people use to their brain of %10. There isn’t difference in other people than you.Just They can use more. You need to learn How can use your brain? And than believe me You can learn other language.

For instance: I want to improve myself. I want to learn different language. Why not? Ok. It is the same for me. My memory is not good. But I’m developing my memory. I don’t memorize words. But I didn’t give up. I changed method memorize words.I have visual memory. I don’t forget anything I’ve ever seen. When  I studied word, I looked the picture. Or I can write little story with the words. This method so useful for me. Maybe You should be try my method.

Everyone have their life principles.Yep. I have a lot of principles. But First If you want to be real, Don’t give up.