The last 11 days for go to London…

All my life I am saying myself ” I am not lucky.” Actually This is not true. I am very lucky. Because I have everything. I have family, I have friend etc…. When  I was come back in Cambridge , I told myself ” I can not go to England. ” This is wrong. If you want to be real You can try everything. Believe me.

I’m going to London after 11 days.I’m so excited. My feeling is very mixed. Just think one month in London. When I think I am crazy.I want to do everything. I want to walk all street. I want to go to museum. I want to see all important places. I want to do a lot of things.

Actually I didn’t prepare anything. I know. I have to prepare my suitcase, my bags. Oh my goodness I have a lot of work. This weekend I’ll prepare my goods. When I prepare my bags, I’ll share picture. 🙂

I have to plan for London. When I’ll arrive to London, I’ll go everywhere. I have one month. I’ll come back to my country. Or I won’t come back to my country. I don’t know. It is too early to think about it.

If you want to advice important places or another things, I am here.

When I’ll go to London I’ll share a lot of picture. I’ll share where I’m going, etc….

I’m waiting your advice….