Hyde Park….

This place is the most important  in London. I can hear ” You can say WHY?” I explain to you. Sometimes People want to free time. People want to do something in them spare time. Because they are hard working.

I wanted to walk around in my spare time When I was in London. One day I had decided. I went to Hyde Park. Actually I took a pictures. But When I arrived the Hyde Park, My thoughts changed. You can say WHY? Because This place is awesome. I love this place. I wanted to do lots of things. I lay down on the grass. I took a picture myself on the grass. I listened my head. I watched other people. Some people were reading books, some people were sunbathing, some people were drinking….

Hyde Park has lots of tree. It has different tree.Full of oxygen. “I am in freedom.” I said myself. I love freedom. Who does not love freedom! I felt my whole body freedom. I sat for a long time. And than I walked inside the Park. Hyde Park so big. It has awesome river. Some people have a picnic. That was wonderful. I sat under the tree. And than I had a lunch. This is awesome experience for me. I can not forget all my life. It has different atmosphere. You must to see the Hyde Park. I saw different ducks on the river. I sat on the river bank. I watched all the Park.

If you want to go to London, You should to go to the Hyde Park. In my opinion. If you want to go to London I can advice something.

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