Just Live The Moment…

Time is passing fastly.But anyone not aware of it. Actually I want to tell something this topic. Because this is important for all life.

I think some people don’t know time is passing. In fact,some people live in a very monotonous life. I don’t know WHY! Sometimes I am too. When I think about my life is monotonous, I want to change something in my life. And than everything is going better. Because I remember time is passing. I want to just live the moment.I want to achieve my goals. I must to achieve. This is first rule for my life.

Just think. How is your life? How is it going? What do you do to pass the good life? Tell me Please. In these days, I made a principle for myself. “Be positive!”. This is the second rule for my life. As, I want to live different life.                 For example What I am doing? I started learn different language by myself. I started learn computer program. I am searching different topic. Etc… I don’t want to live monotonous life. If you do not want to be a monotonous life, you should change your lifestyle. You can share your own thoughts.

Yep. We are starting. Join us. Share your own thoughts. I want to help everyone. I want to listen to you. Sometimes you should change in your life and your rules. Do not forget! Rules are made to be broken.

Come on. You should start for change your life.


3 thoughts on “Just Live The Moment…

  1. What do I do? I stop and look. I have never been ambitious, never wanted to chase that elusive butterfly, progress. But I gain every ounce from even the smallest thing, the briefest event, the quietest silence. And time will pass fast enough if you never look up at the clock. Time and experience can make us slaves, and life is only monotonous if you think it is so. There is beauty and richness in the meanest things, the least attractive occupations. That’s what I do.


    • Wow.You know how to live the good life. Congratulations. I think the most important thing in your life that you’ve done what you told us to. And Thank you share your thought. I feel so happy.
      All my Best.


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