Sometimes happines, sometimes freedom, sometimes loneliness….

Sky tells everything people. Just know how to look! And you can see everything. Perhaps you can simulate them something. You can simulate clouds on things that make you happy. When you feel sadly or unhappy , You should look on the sky and clouds. You can see everything.

Because I’m doing the same thing. When I feel sadly or unhappy. I am looking to the sky. And then I’m smilling. Because I know. Actually I’m not alone and unhappy. Just I need to time….

Sometimes I’m looking at the clouds, I’m going to other lands. The place where I’m happy. That’s where the freedom to happiness. And then I would imagine a world where everything is beautiful.

Sometimes I think  I wish I could see the infinity. Imagine being able to see a star close. See something like eternity. If you know the look You can see only. I’m doing it. I see the infinity. I see happiness. I see myself how  I’m happy. I can see how I can run after happiness and freedom.

If you are looking for happiness in your life, just look at the sky And think happiness. Don’t forget How you’re running it That’s what It comes running to you.

Not too late! Let’s now go and look at the clouds in the sky. Maybe you can see the infinity.


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