Remember , Remember, Remember …..


Actually there are a lot to be said on this subject. Because it matters to everyone…. Some things are still a lot of people’s lives. When you ask people to remember a thing about ,the first thing would be negative mind they lived. Because people give up and to recall the before negative.

Consider something to do with your life.When a person ask you such a question.”Remember the moments that you’re upset and happy life!” Firstly you think unhappy moments .Because people initially think negative things. Sometimes I am too. I don’t know What is this reason? Whereas, remember that it has a nice moments in everyone’s life. Sometimes When  people unhappy, They think happy moments. I’m doing it.

You can not be happy all the time. But you can fight for it. OK I’m not saying forget the bad days. You have to remember the contrary. You have to remember that you should see that what upset. Never forget the memories you live. Never forget who or what you’re upset. You should learn to deal with bad memories. You can not delete them. As long as you learn to live with them , You will start to be happy. When you remember now you will not be sorry. Because You can not delete it you live in no time. Do not forget the fact that everything is in your hands. If you can remember if you want you can also forget.

I learned growth my experience. Which it is important to draw lessons from them. This is a very deep issue. I hope everyone understand What I say. Give direction to your life. The only live to be happy……

Just remember to be happy….


10 thoughts on “Remember , Remember, Remember …..

  1. The merry-go-round of life. Without pain, how can we appreciate the true value of pleasure? Without sorrow, how do we put a price upon joy? But positive attitude, that’s a good thing, and I agree. The Lord said smile, Frederick. for things could be worse. And so I did smile, and lo, things did get worse! Happy Advent!


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