Feel or Think…..

There are many things they could not say what the people want to tell sometimes. Sometimes very different passing through the heart with the mind of people.Mind always says something else. The mind tells the opposite of the heart. Sometimes human remains undecided. Should human listen to their heart? Or Should human listen to their mind? How difficult a question. Sometimes I don’t have decided. Should I listen to the sound of my heart or my mind? Actually I know. If I decide, everything will be fine for me.

Passing from the heart…. Maybe this is the most difficult. You can say WHY? Because people can not say from the heart. People always to succumb to emotions. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes people would be happy. Sometimes not. On a sudden People want to tell everything passing from the heart.  God or bad, happy or unhappy. Whatever the outcome.. Well after than………..

Passing from the mind….. Other hard part. People sometimes prevents the thoughts. Positive or negative, reasonable or unreasonable…. Many people are affected by the subconscious. The subconscious mind games play people. Thoughts are sometimes mislead people. When people thought mind It can produce many solutions. What about your heart. You can find just one solutions. It is the solution which your heart tell is right……

Life is very short.There is a long road ahead. The best way to live it in our hands. You must decide very well. You can choice. What do you want to listen your heart or your mind……If you want to do something, You have to decide.  Don’t forget. Time is passing…… Good Luck for the life…..


4 thoughts on “Feel or Think…..

    • Hi Erma,
      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I know. England is wonderful country. I hope you will go one day. If you have any question about England please you can ask me. Merry Christmas….


  1. For a life of joy and adventure, follow your heart always. We spend a lot too much of our precious lives deciding what would be ‘wisest’, which course is the right one, what might go wrong? We never know what the answers are anyway, and if we attempt them, we’re usually wrong. Follow your head and you’ll never enjoy life. It’s not very cool to be right all the time. Only one benefit will accrue from your misery – you’ll have lots of money. Merry Christmas, Seagirll!

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    • Hi Frederick,
      Firstly Thank you so much for your thoughts. Actually I always listen to my heart. But sometimes It doesnt work. Sometimes I don’t have decided.And than I am listening my mind. I don’t have decided. =) No problem for me. Again Thank you so much=) Merry Christmas…

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