Imagine If The Language Of The Pavement

In fact the most important place for us outside “pavement”.You can say WHY! I’ll tell you. Who knows how many times a day we’re pressing on its top.Or how many times we try to keep up with the place running.How many times you cried while walking on the pavement. Which one of you waited for someone to come sit on the edge of a pavement. Although you knew he/she wasn’t coming.Which one of sat on the pavement because of unhappiness. Did you ever take another look at the back of the suitcase?Have you ever distant stare of the eye?Did you count the paving stones you ever walked down the road?Did you ever kiss while walking on the pavement that you love? Did you ever come while eye to eye with someone on the pavement?Did you hit someone walking on the pavement?Etc….

I can give you a lot more examples. Imagine if the language of the pavement. What it tells us. Perhaps, don’t worry or don’t  think that or slow down you hurt me…..Who knows how many times It wanted to support you when you cry. If you want to live a good life, You have to look at a life in this way. Maybe this could be a way out for you.

Now you come out and how do you want people to treat you, You have to act like to them. You try to look at life from a different angle.

Now please close your eyes and just think What would happen If there were pavement language?