live the greatest miracle…

Today I will tell you the wonders of life. Because these days we need a miracle. Some people are accustomed to living bad events in their lives. So they don’t know what is the miracle.Or is there miracle?

Did you ever thank you for being alive , breath? As can walk or run. What about using your hands. Do you know what is the all about meanings? This is the miracle. If the opposite were true. That’s when life would be more difficult for you. Imagine you will not do anything. Everything will be bad for you. Always going to be upset and unhappy. I’m so sorry because when I see a human in this case . I know of course they are not unhappy But I feel bad. And than I said ” Thank you God for my health”. This is so important for human life. Maybe some people get mad at me. Please do not get it wrong. Just I want to say know the value of life. Everything is in your hands. If you want to be happy or unhappy. I did not believe in miracles in advance.  But I believe now. Yes there is a miracle. I’m convinced that miracles. Why people only remember the bad memories of the past. What about the good ones. I always remember the bad ones previously. And than I said myself ” WHY”. But I didn’t find my answer. And than I decided. After this I’ll remember good events. And now just I remember good things. If you’re feeling sad and lonely from some reason, Just remember your happy time. Forget the rest. Just try to live happily. Forget bad situations. Because life is really too short. just struggled to achieve the goals and dreams. And Believe yourself. Because I believe myself. One day I’ll do it everything be real. These are my thoughts.