Top 5 Hidden Places in London…

Sherlock Holmes. said – “It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of London.’ But how much do you really know London?

Avoid following hordes of camera-clickers around the same old sights and discover, same old attractions, expensive and cheap London hotels, the capital’s best-kept secrets are in front of you.

Take the inside track on your next visit to London and discover a bunch of great places that are just a little off the beaten track.

With our insider tips you’ll escape the tourist crowds of the capital and start feeling like a true Londoner in no time…

Hidden away amongst the cobbled streets of London Bridge is this fantastic experience for wine lovers. Vinopolis takes you on a journey through a world of wines, from those close to home in England to varieties from far reaching destinations like China and New Zealand. A joy for wine novices and buffs alike, there are tasting classes available and even featured spirits on offer; usually a guest whiskey or potent absinthe. It’s a great way to relax after a day of London sightseeing and there are plenty of great restaurants in nearby Southwark should you need something more substantial to soak up your ‘tasters’!

Brick Lane oozes East End, urban charm. This street has evolved from a textile production hub in the 60s to a buzzing hub of culture, food, music and shopping. You could easily spend all day here loosing yourself in the vibrant markets stalls and relaxing in eclectic cafés. As the sun goes down enjoy a few drinks and a band or top DJ at Vibe Bar and 93 Feet East, followed up with an unbelievable curry at one of the many authentic curry houses. The entire street is jam-packed with Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants, filling the air with the tantalising smell of Asian spices.

How secret could a palace in London really be? Very, if you put it in SE9. Most local residents weren’t aware of the existence of this house until it opened to the public 13 years ago. Over seven centuries, this chronicle of a building has been used as a royal palace and an army training centre by way of a hay barn, but at present it boasts English Heritage’s beautiful reconstruction of the Courtauld family’s luxurious 1930s art deco interiors, as seen in numerous TV period pieces. The palace is also host to art deco fairs.

Little Venice is the place where Grand Union Canal meets Regents Canal lies a lovely green pocket of tranquillity near Paddington called Little Venice. Around these picturesque waterways you’ll find a collection of Victorian buildings, waterside cafés, pubs and restaurants whilst a narrowboat cruise or leisurely stroll along the tow paths help you feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shakespeare’s Globe. In celebration of England’s most famous bard, William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s very own theatre company, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men. The original Globe Theatre presented many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, but burnt down during a performance of Henry VIII in 1613. Today’s Globe stands just a few hundred metres from the original and is the place to catch a William Shakespeare play in as close to authentic surroundings as you can get.ü


The Sherlock Holmes Pub…

The Sherlock Holmes pub is a traditional English pub serving pints and pub food.

As well as a bar and restaurant, the pub has a secret – a complete recreation of Holmes and Watson’s study and sitting room with a large collection of objects and photographs related to the characters from the books and adaptations.The collection was put together for the Festival of Great Britain and moved to this permanent home at the Sherlock Holmes pub in 1957.

sherlock holmes pub london ile ilgili görsel sonucu

sherlock holmes pub london ile ilgili görsel sonucu

sherlock holmes pub london ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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