Nuestros amantes ” OUR LOVERS”

Today I want to share a movie. I watched this film two days ago. This movie is about love. Do you believe in destiny? I believe in destiny and love. It’s something unique. I would recommend watching this movie. This movie is different and fun.The relationship between men and women.If you want to see different way love you should probably watch this. I wrote the subjet Spanish and English. Actually The movie is Spanish. But you can find English just you should search the internet.

A brief summary of the movie” Carlos is a man who goes to a coffee shop-library to take a cup, where Irene is reading a book. Not a reason for it, Irene close to Carlos and talks with him, starting a friendship with a little rules: no pasts, no birth names, no modern ways to contact between them (as Internet or similar), and finally not falling in love each other. Calling themselves Hada Chalada (‘Crazy Fairy’) and Duende Chiflado (‘Mad Goblin’), both pass the days walking around the city engaged with magic, surrealist and funnies conversations about life, love and themselves, at the same time that Carlos tries to end his new script with his friend Cristóbal, and eccentric writer obsessed with Japan. But the good feeling between Carlos and Irene ends suddenly when Irene discovers that Carlos is really the husband of María, new lover of Jorge, Irene’s boyfriend, who recently split with her in favor of Carlos’ wife. When casually the four coincide in the same place, Carlos must be confront his feelings by Irene with his marriage with María, meanwhile Irene faces Jorge by his love affair… ”