Autumn in London….

Apparently I haven’t been sharing information for a long time.What a shame. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to share my information with you.

I’m still in London. Apparently I’ll stay all my life.I know my page is about “Travel”. But I want to share with you my thoughts aswell. One day If you want to come in London maybe It can help you.

If you want to travel in England, You should come in summer time. England is very crowded espacially in London. You can see the people around the Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. London has a great place. Also has many beautiful places to see. Bridges,Castles,Parks,Museums, etc….

How many days do you want to stay in London you should make a list. Just start your list firstly you want to see. For me there is a lot of place is important. (I will share with you in my next article.) You can search in internet. There is a lot of page about in London. Just write “Where is the best places in London?” You will find everything. you wonder.

Now I want to warn you when do you want to come don’t forget bring your umbrella. 🙂 Even If you want to come summer time.  England has a interesting weather. Anything can happen at any moment. It can rain even summer. 🙂

But If you want to come winter time I’m warning you It’s very cold in winter and very windy. You should bring with you more than 2 coat. 🙂 You should take your thickest socks. But  If you like to travel in winter time , winter is coming to London. Now we ‘re living Autumn. The leaves on almost all the trees would turn yellow. I took a photo in the morning . I’ll share with you.


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Thank you very much for reading. See you next article.

All my best.