Big Ben…

What a spectacular place. When I came to London I just say I want to see the Big Ben. I never thought it would be such a great thing.I was amazed when I saw the Big Ben. Such a work that it is not something that one does not admire. I watched the outside of the building for a long time. Then I wondered, and I did some research.,The clock is 96.3 meters high, weighs 5.5 tons, the bell weighs 13.5 tons and can be heard from a distance of at long range when the bell rings.Some people saying “It is just only clock.” When the people saying that I feel so upset.What a shame. Imagine how many days or months or years this work lasted.Maybe there was a lot of people who used to say that there would be such a big clock.But they still did. When we look at today, we see how true and realistic this decision is.

One day I just want to see The Thames River. I was just looking around and thinking.And than I asked to myself.”I wonder how many people like me think this structure is magnificent?”And suddenly the bells started ringing. I’ll never forget the moment. It was the special time in my life.I thought at that moment. That this structure should really be seen and that moment should be experienced.Big Ben is not just a clock tower, it’s like a dream world where you get lost watching it.Maybe you think I’m exaggerating. Absolutely not exaggerating. Just I want to share how I feel. In fact, when I watched the clock, I realized how precious and meaningful the time was.I thought most people were wasting their time, and most of them were trying to do something on the contrary.Then I asked myself.”So which am I? The woman who wasted her time? Or is it a woman who enjoys time and knows its value?

I’m definitely the second.I’m still looking to miracle.I’ll continue until I find my miracle. You just need to learn to look deeper. If you look superficially, you don’t understand anything, but if you look deep, then you can understand many things.

Now please tell me. Which one are you? “When you look at the clock dreams and hold on to life? orĀ  When you look at the clock, you think it’s only an hour and doesn’t mean anything?”I can share my thoughts with you, but I can never change your thoughts.

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To be or not to be, that’s the whole point.

All my best.