Tower Bridge…






Sundown in Cambridge……







Every where music………



Come on.

The time passes quickly.

Let’s go.


I was rowing on the river in Cambridge….



London city Sightseeing Bus….



43 festive things to do in London this weekend


50 thoughts on “Photo

  1. What an excellent photos! I especially love the first one! Great choice for going for a symmetrical composition, with the reflections.

    Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to some more photographs!


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  2. Hi Seagirl! Just returning to wordpress(long hiatus)..I really enjoyed London while there//The Tube//interesting characters:-) Used to indulge in Joe Malone products but now not in my budget frame. Thanks for viewing my blog. I will be back to yours.


  3. Hi Seagirl

    I am impressed and just dying to find out where the big pic at the top of your page was taken.

    Thanks for dropping by in my Blog. I am an old traveller from South Africa but we have a daughter [by now a UK citizen] living in Yorkshire.

    Do let me know please?


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  4. HI Melody! Thank you so much for dropping by and following my blog “” – great to see you! London is my favorite city as well. I have really enjoyed your photos – brought back a lot of good memories. Looking forward to seeing new photos soon. πŸ™‚ Jacqueline


  5. Hi there seagirll. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love the shot of the tourist bus; it’s just like the ones I’ve been on in Portugal. Come to think of it, it’s the same as the one in Paris, New York, etc. They are so garish and touristy, but I have to say that when you are riding them it is like you are flying low over the city. Wonderful perspective! Am enjoying your blog. Cheers, Nelson


    • Hi Nelson,
      Thank you so much for your thought. =) When I saw your message I felt so happy. If you advice something for my blog I can do it. Thank you so much again. Keep touching.
      All my best.


  6. The second photo from the top is a real eye-opener. My how London’s skyline has changed. I did a triple take but I know that all those buildings from a certain vantage point would change the look. They certainly dwarf the Tower of London. Thanks for the great views !
    The Castle Lady

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